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stashbox​-​odds n' ends

by Johnny Law

Hey Captain Spaceman- way up in the sky.... Captain Spaceman-lookin' down on me Captain Spaceman-big ol' head, big ol' eyes... Captain Spaceman Take me for a ride please ...and Captain Spaceman- I wonder if it's true What the grocery papers say about you... Will you take me up in the sky? With no memory until I'm hypnotized... (simulated spaceflight) Captain Spaceman- I'm sure that you can clearly see that I'm begging you- down on my knees and if you take me I'll be happy to go Kiss this goodbye Just leave it below Call me Captain Spaceman...
Slippery (demo) (free) 03:22
I am seriously dizzy from this mutual attraction Light headed and spinning as I look into your eyes Feeling that I'm getting is mutual understanding Everthing is easy when we're side by side.... We're side by side Girl what you do...whatcha do, What you're doin'... Leaves sensations up and down my spine When we're all alone... You're the Best Kisser in the World There's a serious distraction when I look in your direction Everything is easy when I look into your eyes Feeling that I'm getting is of mutual possibilities Everything is easy When we're side by side Side by side...We're side by side...side by side Girl- whatcha do- whatcha do to me Leaves sensations up and down my spine When we're all alone You're the Best Kisser in the World
Cameras Everywhere (free) 03:07
Cameras Everywhere that you see Zooming in on you - won't let you be Flashing in on you, see you smile... Give that knowing look, and winning style Cameras Everywhere You look so attractive You look so divine You look so exciting You look so alive
War of Love (demo) (free) 05:27
...and you fight your battles whose end you can not see We fight this War of Love to end the misery... oh yeah-fight this War of Love oh yeah- Fight this war-Don't give up-Please join in... and you think you know the score and you've seen it all before but you're much to blind to see as you anylize... and we don't have the time... cause there isn't time.. so let's make it easy-cause it's just so easy I won't kill you You won't kill me... We don't have to be best friends just Live in Harmony.. oh yeah - Fight this War of Love oh - yeah - Fight this war-Don't give up-Please join in... Make Love Give Love Take Love Feel Love... (repeat)
Time To Go 04:56
Rollin' Home 04:43


Works in progress...rough demo's of new songs, some stuff from the old shoebox out in the garage...


released February 9, 2014

Artwork- Amy Van Cleve


all rights reserved



Johnny Law

" A cross between Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello..modern lyrics that cut right through" -The American Songwriter Show

"Johnny Law pulls togethers a unique blend of American retro folk and rock w/ just a trace of punk..." - NME.com

" ...the Voice and the Songs, I'm a fan." - Scott Mathews (Multi-Platinum Award Winning Producer)

"#@%*ing Killer" "Sounds like T-Rex in TJ!"- Radio Free Bakersfield
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