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Anyway Anyhow

by Johnny Law

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Sometimes I wish that you'd just Go Away Sometimes I wish that I had you today In my arms To stay Sometimes I'm wonderin' over and over What we might had been... If we kept pretending To be in love To be in love (chorus) It was so easy I didn't catch on You're the one she said "You're the one" Now that you're gone it's kind of hard to believe Things that you say come floating by like a dream.... Sometimes I wish that you'd just leave me be Just Go Away It's been so long We've been happy Once or twice Along the way (repeat chorus) Sometimes I wish that you'd just Go Away Sometimes I wish that I had you today Tell me why Won't you leave You've already said goodbye...
It's One Last Pop Song One last slow fall... One last kiss your lips goodbye One more rainfall Be my baby-doll Please don't tease me Till the end of time... It's one last slow dance One last slow kiss One more time it feels so nice... One last slow dance-c'mon, c'mon just one more time - c'mon, c'mon It's too late Too bad Tomorrows just another day-away Won't you take me Out to play Take me out to play... Oooooh
There in your eyes all the light in the skies and the bees as they buzz You sting me Stung me again... Like the Snake That You Are... you slither away and you leave me Leave me for dead Like the Snake That You Are You suck me dry and you're the Sweet Vampire There in your eyes- I'm so hypnotized As you leave me for dead I'm comin' in with a smile... I see you for the Snake That You Are There in your eyes all the light in the sky and the rose is in bloom You know I'm just your- Sometimes I'm just a fool... Tell me what can I do When you walk all over me I see you for the Snake That You Are
I hate to say I don't care anyway No more-bout what you do what you say who you screw... What could it possibly matter to me Truth About It It went On and On and On and On... I hate to be the one To break it to you and it's hard - to describe but I'm havin' so much fun and I guess you were the one Who was right When you said goodbye Goodbye It's sad to see You took it so seriously It pains me so... It's hard to believe and I think it's kinda funny You there down on you knees and "Really...I gotta go..." and I go- On and On and On and On Without you... Goodbye
It's quarter to two and I'm tryin' to get to you and I'm tryin' to think of ways to say Come over and play Come over and play... It's quarter to four and I don't think I can take any more and I'm tryin' to get to you And I'm tryin' to get to you and She Says Alright mmhmm mmmhmmm It's quarter to six and I'm tired and happy Just to kiss you... Goodnight Just to kiss you... Alright.alright.alright mmmhmmm mmmhmmm
Gina Gina Gina Nothin' comes between us We're just havin' us a good time And I'm happy that she's all mine Gina Gina-is just the girl that's drivin' me... Gina Gina Gina I know it's been a little while but I just can't hide ( you're the kind of girl I dream of) There's no denying it (and I'm happy that you'r all mine) In your eyes I see the fire Gina Gina-is just the girl that's drivin' me... Gina Gina is just the girl for me She's got alotta love She's got a lot to see-c'mon Give me one of those smiles It's drivin' me wild We're ridin' alone and we like to sing along... Gina Gina Gina You're the kind of girl I dream of I guess it's plain to see Or if you listen carefully When I say Gina Gina Gina
Couldn't be right... Couldn't be wrong... Couldn't decide- Which way to go Lost in a place -You've never been But it's all right We Can Pretend Here in your room Here in your eyes There in your smile- It's a diquise But's alright We Can Pretend It's not a sin Let's pretend we're in love... and You just might like it Get too close and it burns and You just might like it mmmhmmm Here in your eyes Here in the sun It's on the rise I'm on the run It's not what is seems It's just a dream... But it's all right We can believe...
Lullaby 03:45
Cranberries Orange Lemon Meringue Play your guitar like you are in Spain... Keep it simple And in a time Make it happy Have a good time A good time... It' O.K.-it's alright To say -You're afraid of the dark The way that you're smilin' now As you're laying down In the night Mornin' comes early Time for us to get some sleep Goodnight Sleep tight and I'll see you first thing in the sun shine...
My little world came down today And I heard it loud and clear and I thought I heard you say You were mine Till you died But I guess it's over now... and I Can't Really Say I didn't see it coming Can't Really Say There isn't anyone to blame and I only know I know you know me Only know That it isn't the same... and I guess it's over now It hit me so hard I'm seein' stars and you'd think I'd rate a little bit of warning... After all this time When you were mine I'd say "It's been fun" but that'd be a lie... After lie-that you told Both new and old-and we both know There's somthing else going on...
On the Edge 04:19
You better live each day Better live your life Gotta make your way Gotta do what's right... Keep it straight-Move it double In your face We're in trouble... (chorus) You say-You have to pay a price For love You say- You have to get it right For love Movin' round and round and round and round... I'm spinning On The Edge I'm looking down You're looking up I wonder why You're not here with me


released November 12, 2019


all rights reserved



Johnny Law

" A cross between Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello..modern lyrics that cut right through" -The American Songwriter Show

"Johnny Law pulls togethers a unique blend of American retro folk and rock w/ just a trace of punk..." - NME.com

" ...the Voice and the Songs, I'm a fan." - Scott Mathews (Multi-Platinum Award Winning Producer)

"#@%*ing Killer" "Sounds like T-Rex in TJ!"- Radio Free Bakersfield
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