Retail Hell (New Work Week)

by Johnny Law

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Retail Hell (New Work Week)
-featuring "Retail Hell (New Work Week)" and "Captain Spaceman"
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released September 9, 2019

all songs by John Lawson (ascap)


all rights reserved



Johnny Law

" A cross between Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello..modern lyrics that cut right through" -The American Songwriter Show

"Johnny Law pulls togethers a unique blend of American retro folk and rock w/ just a trace of punk..." -

" ...the Voice and the Songs, I'm a fan." - Scott Mathews (Multi-Platinum Award Winning Producer)

"#@%*ing Killer" "Sounds like T-Rex in TJ!"- Radio Free Bakersfield
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Track Name: Retail Hell ( New Work Week )
It's a New Work Week
same as the last one
Different faces, but they're just the same...
It's a New Work Week
tell me " Can I help you?"
maybe some perfume...for your tired feet?

I'll be your slave in a heartbeat
though we thought that it was dead...
but you know You're Always Right
it's at the mall instead...
It's always free admission and it's always fun
for you to get out some aggression
We've only just begun- we're in Retail Hell!

...and if you leave your name and number
we can waste some more time-cause you know it's as good as your Gold Card...
Why don't you shop around
but never spend a dime
It's the story of your life
You walk out empty handed...

Retail Hell- there's a Price to Pay
Retail Hell- You're In My Way
Retail Hell- there's Lots to do...
Heavenly...Here in the Zoo

...and we Both know you Wont- but you Want another size...
"I'm sorry that size is very popular..." and,
“Can I call around?” “It must be in your chain?!”
Maybe some other's a SALES DAY!!!

Retail Hell- there's a Price to Pay
Retail Hell- You're In My Way -hey
Retail Hell- there's Lots to do... in the Zoo
Track Name: Slow Suicide
When you're down-and you can't get up
When you're down- and you're out of luck
Then it's time- for you to pack it up
and now you're down in the bottom of the bottle again..

You knew all along
You were gonna do wrong
As you looked in the mirror and said
"Whose the finest one of all?"...
I do believe it's me
Lookin' in the mirror at the brand new King of Pain...

Have another ciggerette
Smoke it straight down-Burn it straight down
and maybe in a while
It won't be so bad
You'll manage to smile...

It's Slow Suicide
Track Name: Anyway Anyhow
Turn up the heat cause it's a zillion degrees
and you say
You see things in different ways
and you know
You know-all that you know
and you say
I don't know - and I'm happy
Happy to say
Anything that you want...

Step on the peddle
cause were movin' way too fast
"Faster!" she says "Step on the gas!"
and "Let's go! Let's go! yeah-Let's get away..."
and you know you know...
and I'm happy-
Happy to say

Anything that you want
Anyplace- any time
Anyway Anyhow...

and She say's " One and one ...
don't always add up to two"
Two and three- leave it all up to me...
and I don't know
but let's get to four right away
and I don't know and I'm happy
Happy to say

Anything that you want
Anyplace- any time
Anyway Anyhow
Baby tell me you're
mine mine mine...
Track Name: Havin' a Clue
You can judge me
Until your face is blue
There's nothin' to do
Don't ask me
I don't have a clue...

Havin' a Clue
You've nothin' on me
I've nothin on you
Don't ask me
I don't have a clue

Stars in your eyes
are fading fast
and now you realise
that you're movin' way too fast
and you don't know-just who you are
but who knows
You might see your Faveorite Star...

Sunday morning and you wake up
Hit the alarm
Goin' off inside your heart
and your mind..
and I don't care-you don't really know
I don't care- you don't really mind
I don't care...
Track Name: Captain Spaceman
Hey Captain Spaceman
Way up in the sky...
Captain Spaceman
Lookin' down on me
Big ol' head
Big ol' eyes
Take me for a ride please

...and Captain Spaceman
I wonder if it's true
what the grocery papers said about you
Will you take me up
in the sky
with no memory
until I'm hypnotized...

Captain Spaceman
I'm sure that you can clearly see
that I'm begging you
Down on my knees
and if you take me
I'll be happy to go
Kiss this goodbye
Just leave it below...

call me
Captain Spaceman
Track Name: Yeah Yeah Yeah
I've been down and I've been laid out
I've been tossed and turned and played with...
Time and time-it goes so fast
On the line and you're out of gas


I've been hopelessly in love
Stars so bright and moon above...
Light the candles - Dim the lights
Kiss the mornin' sunshine


I've been workin' slavin' drivin'
All my life and I'm so tired
Now I'm up at six again
Where's my head? Where's my head?